Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011

Today is another 10 mg of dex day--probably will not sleep tonight.

Had a visit with O/H last Monday (11/14/2011). lab results of 11/7/2011 were in and can be compared to 10/7/2011 lab results. Kappa Light Chains dropped to 2.45 mg/dl from 2.82mg/dl(uppermost normal is 1.94mg/dl); obviously any drop is good news. M-spike dropped 10 1.3g/dl, which is a drop from the previous months value of 1.4 g/dl. Igg dropped to 1572 mg/dl from 1622 mg/dl. Uppermost normal Igg is 1554 mg/dl. In other words all of the three cancer makers dropped.

I continue to be off chemo (except for the twice weekly dex (10 mg twice a week)). Will go back to the O/H in early January.