Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Today is dex day; so I probably won't sleep tonight. I am used to this by now.

On Tuesday, January 25, I had my 22nd Zometa infusion. Spent more time in waiting room than for the infusion; 2.5 hrs from checkin to checkout. Two more infusions to go and I will have completed my initial 24-month therapy. After that it will probably be once a quarter; this just gives me greater flexibility.

BP and blood work all fell in the normal range. WBC, however, were at the low end of normal.

Will have cancer numbers checked on 2/7/11 so that they will be available for my H/O for my 2/14 appointment. It takes about 4 days to turn around the cancer values such as IGG, M-spike, and Kappa light chains.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15, 2011

On Monday (1/3/20110), I had my appointment with my H/O and I got the results of my 12/27/2010 lab work. Igg was 1564 mg/dl, up slightly from 1558 on 11/22/2010--upper normal is 1554, thus 1564 is only slightly above normal; total protein was 7.1 g/dl, normal and unchanged; M-spike was 1.3 g/dl up from 1.2 in November (it also was 1.2 last June, thus no large change); Kappa Light Chains were 2.42 mg/dl (normal is less than 1.94)--up from November but less than June of 2010. Because there were no large changes and the values were not that different than 6 months earlier, I decided to stay off chemo for another 6 weeks. I have another appointment on Valentine's Day.

On the 25th, I have my monthly Zometa; only 2 more after this on the 2-year schedule. After that, the H/O suggests every other month or quarterly. Zometa has not been a big deal after the second or third time, when I did experience some aches and minor pains.

Later that same day, I had my teeth cleaned and it was decided that I needed a root canal, which was scheduled for the next day. This was done.

On Thursday (1/6/2011), we took off for a week in Puerto Rico, where we did some snorkeling and lots of sunbathing.

Tonight is dex day thus I probably won't sleep tonight. Tomorrow, I take off for Atlanta for some business meetings.

Nothing much else to say; will keep all of you posted; but there is not much to say right now.