Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009

My next cycle of treatment starts tomorrow, November 30 with Zometa (#9) in the morning and the O/H appointment in the afternoon. Tuesday is Velcade treatment #19, with #20 comming on December 8.

I got through the previous treatment cycle (Velcade #17 and #18) without much difficulty; some constipation and some increase in neuropathy. I also had some minor rash patches on my legs, which had a slight but not particularly bothersome itch. The constipation lasted for about 3 days have Velcade treatment #18. The neuropathy increase lasted about for about 8 days after Velcade treatment #18; but has now returned to a pre-treatment #17 level. The rash is still present but does seem to be diminishing. Weekly 10 mg of dexamethasome continued with no side-effects now (there were some sleepless nights in the very beginning but with Ambien, I now sleep 6+ hours the night after taking the pill). Overall I feel good but still continue to have weakness in legs and knees.

We went to St. Pete for Thanksgiving. Friday we went strolling to in downtown St. Pete and then had a very enjoyable lunch on the Gulf and a short time on the beach where I enjoyed a cigar.

Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009

Well, last Tuesday's Velcade infusion has now begun to have some side effects; was lethargic on Thursday with some constipation. No temperature or nausua, however. Also took my dexamethosome on Thursday (yesterday) and had difficulty going to sleep; only got about 4 hours sleep. Will take a cat nap today.

I will be off Velcade until after Thanksgiving, which will give my body some time to recover. Then in early December, I have my bloodwork, H/O appointment, Zometa, and Velcade (#3 of new cycle).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009

Received the last of my November 4, 2009 lab results. The Kappa LC was 2.80, which is a slight increase from September 23, 2009 of 2.74; normal is below 1.94.

There has been no reaction to last Friday's dexamethasome; I slept about 6 hours Friday night and 8 hours Sat. night.

This past weekend was very good; felt good and the weather was very nice (sunny and low 80s). My wife and I worked on household projects and then went to an art festival.

Sunday afternoon I drove to Atlanta; had a meeting on Monday morning and then drove back to Florida. 725 miles over a two days. Was tired Monday evening and Tuesday morning; but felt ok when I went for my Velcade infusion Tuesday afternoon. As of 8:00 am Wednesday, I have had no reaction to the Velcade, and I feel ok. CBC's taken yesterday were in normal range and were slightly improved from those of November 10, 2009. By improved, I mean that they had moved toward the center of the normal distribution. BP was ok.

I must say that the drive through Georgia on I-75 was a drag; I had forgotten how ugly my native state is. There are probably more bill boards per mile of interstate in Georgia than any other state. You can see a marked difference as you cross the Georgia-Florida line; it's quite noticable.

Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13, 2009

Today is dexamethasome day; took 10 mg this morning at 8:00. No reaction or side-effects so far; but this is typical for me.

Insomnia has picked up since I had my Velcade on Tuesday; but I have been getting about 5 hours of sleep each night; hopefully tonight (with the additional dexamethasome) will not be bad.

Other than the insomnia and some very minor constipation, I tolerated the Velcade well. My big concern, however, is neuropathy. This will most likely show up over a longer period of time.

I have a project in Atlanta on Monday; so I will out of pocket until next Wednesday or so.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009

The x-ray results to check on the lesion in my right upper arm have come in; it is still there; but it is less than 1 centimeter in diameter. It was small to begin with and thus it seems not to have grown since I have been taking Zometa. Bottom line is that it doesn't seem to be enlarging.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

I had my first Velcade IV yesterday (17th overall; 1st after four month layoff); no problems and no obvious side-effects yet. The dosage was the same; but I will only be receiving 2 infusions in a 3-week cycle instead of 4. I have a schedule that will carry me through mid-January of 2010; thus I can do my holiday planning.

I now have the results of my remaining November 4, 2009 lab tests. Igg is normal going from 1413 mg/dl to 1414 mg/dl; this is in the normal range and is essentially no change. Albumin had been a little high back on September 23 at 4.1 g/dl; now it is in the normal range at 3.8 g/dl. Total protein remained normal and was 6.8 g/dl on November 4.

My M-spike increased from 1.0 g/dl on September 23 to 1.1 g/dl. I am not surprised by this slight increase as I had been off Velcade for 4 months (but I still was on weekly dex of 10 mg).
Hopefully the renewed Velcade infusions will reacivate downward trend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

This and that:

Went to see the O/H last Wednesday: CBC blood work was generally ok. WBC = 5.2 (ok); Hemacrit = 39.1 (ok, but low); Platelets = 244 (ok but they have dropped over past 3 months); RBC = 4.1 (low, don't like this). At the time of my initial diagnosis, I had a lesion on my right upper arm bonel; since I had been on Zometa for 7 infusions, we decided that a re-X-ray would be appropriate (I don't have the results yet). The Igg and M-spike results are pending; I generally don't get them for about a week.

It was decided that I would go back on chemo; starting today (but 1/2 frequency- 2 infusions in a 3-week cycle). It has now been 4 months since my last Velcade infusion. While I am not overjoyed about going back on chemo; I always knew that the Velcade interruption was only temporary, primarily to recover from the neuropathy (which I still have but much less than back in July and August).

I did continue the dex throughout this 4-month period; the dex doesn't affect me much anymore and it is just a pill I take once a week.

On Thursday, my wife and I went to Ormond Beach for a 3-day mini vacation. We stayed at the same condo that we had stayed at immediately following my bone marrow biospy back in March.
At that time (and before my first chemo), I became tired after a short walk on the beach; this time we walked much further and I was less tired. So there has been some improvement in my walking stamina since March.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Novewmber 3, 2009

This was Zometa day; creatine ok; infusion no big deal. Tomorrow will be monthly checkup with new blood values.