Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Had labs drawn yestrday at 8:00 am. Exclusive of M-spike, results were back by 2:00 pm and e-mailed to me. IGG went up significantly; however Kappa light chains went down and have been going down since last fall. M-spike results generally take 5 working days as this analysis has to be sent to a differnet lab (only about 1/4 mile away however). Have appointemnt with O/H on Tuesday (March 13, 2013). This will be close to my 4th year aniversary. Today was dex day (10 mg/2 times a week). I feel good on dex days but I don't sleep during the night. Drove the Corvette to the horse farm country west of Ocala; beautiful sunny day. Celebrated with BBQ ribs for lunch. Will give a better update after my upcomming O/H visit.