Monday, April 16, 2012

Corvette/Deer/3 Year Anniversary--April 17, 2012

Last Saturday was a beautiful day in north Florida so my wife and I decided to take a drive in the Corvette. Unfortunately, a small deer decided that he wanted to share the road with us. He and the front end of the car are no longer with us.

March 30, 2012 is my 3rd anniversary with MM. On the April 11, 2012; I had my 6-week checkup with H/O. Igg was 1568, down from 1631 of 2/14. M-spike was 1.4, up from 1.3 of 2/14; but it has been 1.4 in the past. Kappa Light Chains were 3.5, up from 3.35 of 2/14. WBC, RBC, and Creatinine were all normal.

I have now been off chemo since early July of 2010 (almost 1 3/4 years). Will continue to stay off chemo at least until next appointment in late May.

I feel good and am staying busy.