Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Wednesday morning: I didn't sleep at all Monday night after my double whammy of Zometa and Velcade; however, I felt OK on Tuesday and slept fine on Tuesday night. Went to the eye doctor Tuesday morning; and I will need to have cataract surgery. This is no surprise as this had been suggested more than a year ago before I had been diagnosed with MM. Went ahead and scheduled the procedures, which will be intermixed with my Velcade infusions over the next few weeks.

They have a new eye implant that is supposed to make you see so good that you don't need glasses; right now they will be determining if my eyes are candidates for such implants. The new implants, however, are not covered by insurance so the cost will be on my own nickle. The standard implants, however, are covered; but I would continue to need to use glasses.

The rash that developed on legs and back appears to be diminishing on its own; it certainly hasn't gotten worse. I see the dermatologist next week and maybe he can tell me something one way or the other.

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2009

Today was a double whammy day; I receive infusions of Zometa and Velcade at a single sitting. I hadn't done this for more than 8 months. In general, I prefer to receive each at a separate sitting as taking both at one sitting is tiring on me. Nevertheless, I did both today without much effort; when I came home I had lunch and then took a nap. Will probably be up tonight with the dex that I took along with the Velcade. Anyway no big deal at this time.

CBC's and BP were all ok. Nothing else to report on the Myeloma front.

Have an appointment to have my eyes examined tomorrow; suspect cataracts.

Have started my taxes on TurboTax; ugh!!!

My wife will travel to Georgia on Thursday for a business meeting and then come back either Sat, or Sun.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2009

I had a Velcade Infusion today; nothing much to say; it went easy; but the side effects probably won't show up until this weekend. CBC labs today were in the normal range except RBC, which was slightly low at 4.9 million/cu mm.

I also got the results of January 11, 2010 myeloma markers (after 6 Velcade Infusions since 11/04/09):

Igg had increased from 1414 (11/04/09) to 1547 mg/dl--this is higher but still in the normal range. Iga increased from 26 (11/04/09)to 35 mg/dl--here the lower normal is 71--thus Iga is still low but closer to normal.

M-spike remained constant 1.2 g/dl. The value was 1.2 on 11/30/09 and 1.1 on 11/04/09. Essentially the M-spike is remaining constant.

Kappa Free Light Chains increased from 2.80 mg/dl (11/04/09) to 3.39. This increase concerned my O/H and I will be increasing my Velcade dosage from 2 infusions per three week period to 3 infusions per three week period (i.e., once a week for the foreseeable future). Lambda Free Light Chains increased from .2 mg/dl to .78 and are now in the normal range. The Kappa/Lambda Ratio decreased from 14.0 to 4.35; while still high the ratio is much closer to the normal range of 0.26-1.65 than it was back on 11/04/2009.

The rash on my legs and back still remains but is generally unchanged. My O/H has sent a letter and referral to my dermatologist for a biopsy and an opinion. I should have this issue resolved in the not to distant future.

My wife and I spent the weekend throwing out old stuff (i.e., 1960s textbooks, old files, household junk) and bundling up old (but usable items) for charitable donations.

My neuropathy has increased somewhat from my last post; but I am still mobile and doing household projects.

I now have 24 Velcade Infusions (16 during last spring and summer and 8 since 11/4/2009. Cancer markers definitely decreased last spring and summer; since renewing Velcade in November the results are not clear cut; the markers are often contradictory and diagnostic trends are unclear.

For the time being, the plan is to increase the frequency of velcade infusions to once a week and continue the 10 mg dex pill once a week. Overall, exclusive of the neuropathy, I feel good and am leading a more-or-less normal life.

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

The neuropathy resultant from my December 22 and 29, 2009 Velcade infusions is starting to wane; the neuropathy probably peaked between January 2-6, 2010. The neuropathy just manifests itself as weakness and lack of sensation below the knees and tingling sensations in the hands and feet. Yesterday was dex day; and I only slept about 3 hours last night; but other than being a little bit sleepy today was fine. I took an Ambien at 8:00 and hopefully I should sleep fine tonight.

Occasional rashes about the size of dime to a quarter have broken out on my legs (6 total); this likely is an allergic reaction to the Velcade. The don't particularly itch and are more of a nuisance than a problem. I have my O/H appointment on Monday along with my blood work. We plan to discuss the rashes and ascertain the progress of my chemotherapy. If cancer markers go down, the I will continue with Velcade; on the other hand if they start going up, then another drug, such as Revlimid will be considered.

Tomorrow, we will drive north to have Christmas with the Georgia portion of the family; we had Christmas with Florida portion at Christmas. Celebrating holidays with two distinct and geographically separated families is often difficult (Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, Valdosta, Memphis and St. Pete).