Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

I haven't posted for a while; but I have been busy. On August 7, 2010, my family had a surprise birthday party for me. Four daughters and a bunch of grand kids came over and we had a good time. On the 28th I went to a high school reunion in Georgia, which I combined with a business trip.

I completed by my 12 days of radiation on August 6 of the T-7-9 vertebra; this was no big deal. Since I wasn't in any pain, I didn't feel any difference. Most folks with Myeloma feel better after radiation. On August 24, I had my 17th Zometa treatment; these treatments will continue until I have completed a total of 24.

I am still concerned about blood sugar, which may be elevated due to my dex that I take with my Velcade and weekly 10 mg of pills. Right now I am trying to reduce intake of carbs and sugars; will have this rechecked in early 2011.

My last WBC and platelets were 5.3 and 230 thou/cu mm respectively. Hemoglobin and RBC were in the middle of the normal range. Memocrit and Neutophils were in the upper normal range.

Creatinine remains low at 0.9 mg/dl.

Igg increased from 1381 mg/dl on 7/27 to 1503 on 8/10. Still normal; but not moving in the right direction. M-spike increased from 1.1 g/dl to 1.2 over the same time period. Again, not the direction that I wanted. Kappa light chains also increased from 2.36 mg/dl to 2.55. I have an appointment with the H/O on the 17th; and I suspect that I will go back on chemotherapy. Since the numbers did not change drastically, I elected to remain off chemotherapy for another month (i.e., late September).

I have now been off Velcade since June 29th and my neuropathy is definitely diminishing. Actually I feel quite good.

I still don't sleep on the day that I take the dex pills; but during the day, I do nap and generally feel good and productive.

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