Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

Today is dex day; 10 mg in the morning. Dex makes me feel good during the day; but I probably won't sleep tonight. However, tomorrow I will take an Ambien and sleep quite well. This is my pattern now, stay up all night on dex and then get a good night's sleep the next. The dosage that I take is low and so far manageable.

I got my second check from AFLAC on Monday. It covered a years worth of chemo and 12radiation treatments. The AFLAC payments now exceed all my premium payments going back to 1986 and all of my non-insurance covered medical payments. In other words, I have made a profit off my myeloma.

We have made a reservation for a two night stay in St. Augustine next week; the weather in Florida is nice now (low 80s in the day) and walks on the beach will be quite enjoyable.

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