Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4 years with MM Part 2

I started chemo with Velcade + dex on 4/13/2009. Prior to starting chemo my numbers were Igg = 3982, M-spike = 2.7, and Kappa LC = 96. After the first cycle, the numbers dropped as follows; Igg = 2176, M-spike = 1.9, and Kappa LC = 41. After the second cycle, the numbers dropped still further to Igg = 1623, M-spike = 1.22, and Kappa LC = 30.43. After the cycle, the numbers dropped still further and I was happy as clam: Igg = 1555, M-spike = 0.9, and Kappa LC = 30. Up until this point I considered chemo as a "walk in the park"; but with cycle #4 ,which began on June 29, all hell broke loose. During this cycle I began to experience significant neuropathy, particularly in my feet. Also once the cycle was completed, I broke out in rash that covered my arms and legs. Because of the neuropathy and the rash, cycle #5 was cancelled. A revisit to my O/H in late July had the following numbers: Igg = 1462, M-spike = 1.2, and Kappa LC = 26.42. Cycle #5 was postponed to be held abeyance. During this same time period, I continued to take Zometa to strenghthen bones. The only negative with the Zometa was the slight pain in the sternum for about 24 hours after infusion. In early July of 2010 (about 2 2/3 years ago), I discontinued Velcade chemo. I did continue Zometa to the early summer of 2011 (25 total infusions); Zometa was discontinued in the summer of 2011. At present (March 4, 2013) my numbers are Igg = 1681, M-spike = 1.4, and Kappa LC = 29.1; WBC = 4.2, Creatine = 1.02, Total Protein = 7.8, and calcium = 9.2 (all of these CBC values are in the normal range). I still have residual neuropathy in my feet and I still get tired quite easily; but otherwise I lead a generally normal life; I am not in pain. I take 10 mg of dexamethasome every 4 days; the des keeps me up most of the night; but generally on those days that I take the dex I am more productive.

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  1. Doing well! Seeing another patient's numbers set out like this is really helpful to understand what is going on for my husband right now. Thank you for writing them up.
    Stay fit! :)