Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014--5 years with MM

March 30 marks my 5th anniversary of my official diagnosis of having MM (although I first went to doctor about 6 weeks earlier). My most recent MM markers (3/5/2014)are Kappa Light Chains @4.45, up from 3.77 on 1/21/2014; Igg 1744, down from 2014; and M-spike 1.4, down from 1.5. One marker up and two down. Blood pressure and blood work is normal. H/O does not seem concerned and I will stay off chemo but continue 10mg of dexamethasone every 4 days. On 2/12/2014, I had a full body scan set of x-rays (19 images); no new lytic lesions were seen and the old lesion on my right femur was no longer observable. Basically my bones are in better shape than they were 5 years ago prior to my 2-year treatment with Zometa (completed in July 2011). I have now been off chemo for 3 2/3 yrs. I continue to have some neuropathy in my hands and feet; but I am in no pain and can get about ok. So far; there are no issues of pain; no broken/fractured bones; I do tire easily and commonly take a nap in the afternoon.

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