Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

Last week, I had my weekly velcade and zometa treatments. Everything went fine.

On Monday, I had my second cataract treatment this past Monday; I now see 20/20; quite a change from 20/400.

I had my weekly velcade infusion yesterday (March 3, 2010). Labs were all normal as well as BP. Also had my monthly O/H appointment. Will not get my Igg, M-spike, and Kappa LC until early next week--it ususally takes about 4-5 working days to get these results. Heartburn was a problem last night as well as a severe headache. Feel much better today.

Drove up to the mountain house in north Georgia this past weekend; we have decided to sell the house as 400 mile trips from Florida are quite a drag and we just don't go up there much anymore. Real Estate is a bummer in Georgia; but perhaps we will get a reasonable offer. The house is 3/4 paid; so I am not hurting.

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