Friday, March 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

The O/H called the me with March 3's lab results: M-spike was 1.0, no change since no Feb 1, 2010. Igg had incresed to 1451 (still normal but barely so) from 1363; Kappa Light Chains had increased to 3.33 from 3.02. This is not the direction that I was looking to achieve. This may be fluctuation; and values, hopefully may go down before my next appointment, which should be late March or early April.

Today was dex day; generally I feel better on dex days and today was no exception.

Neuropathy is more or less staying the same; not getting better and not getting worse.

The plan is to continue the weekly velcade infusions for another month and then see if any trends are developing.

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