Monday, July 5, 2010

July 6, 2010

Good news gone bad:

In my last post, I blogged that my recent CAT Scan did not show myeloma; however, this was only the oral report; the actual written report said that was a lesion on my T-9 vertebra suspicious of hemangioma (a build-up of blood vessels and no big deal) or less likely myeloma. A MRI was recommended.

Well the MRI ruled out hemangioma and the lesion probably was a myeloma lesion. The next step probably will be radiation. Hopefully, a course of action will be developed some time this week.

I haven't had any back pain at all; in fact my myeloma has not been characterized by not any pain whatsoever.

I had my 15th Zometa treatment last Tuesday (6/29/2010); CBC's were all in normal range and creatinine was 0.9 (good).

We drove to north Georgia on last Thursday to work on our mountain house; I felt quite good; had lots of energy.

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