Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2005

Happy New Year to Everyone:

Yesterday was dex day; so I was up all night; but watched the late Nebraska-Washington bowl game.

When you take steroids such as dex, you have to worry about glaucoma; had my checkup today; everything ok, will go back in 6 months. I have a slight infection in my gum; no pain but I suspect that a root canal may be in order. Will see dentist on Monday.
If I do need dental work, I will need to postpone January's Zometa infusion.

Also will see O/H and get the results of Mondays lab work (it takes about 4 working days to get M-spike, Igg, Kappa LC, etc.). Other than dex, I have been of chemo for 6 months. If the cancer numbers have gone up, then I guess I am back on Velcade again. Also I will start pursuing a stem cell transplant.

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