Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Today is dex day; so I probably won't sleep tonight. I am used to this by now.

On Tuesday, January 25, I had my 22nd Zometa infusion. Spent more time in waiting room than for the infusion; 2.5 hrs from checkin to checkout. Two more infusions to go and I will have completed my initial 24-month therapy. After that it will probably be once a quarter; this just gives me greater flexibility.

BP and blood work all fell in the normal range. WBC, however, were at the low end of normal.

Will have cancer numbers checked on 2/7/11 so that they will be available for my H/O for my 2/14 appointment. It takes about 4 days to turn around the cancer values such as IGG, M-spike, and Kappa light chains.

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