Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 16, 2009

At my first visit to the O/H, my initial blood work on March 20 was as follows: CBC's were all in normal range as were kidney functions. Igg was 3982, M-spike was 2.7, and Kappa LC was 96. Not good but not that bad. A total x-ray bone scan was also done that same with only only one small small spot on my right upper arm where there was a lesion; there also were some areas on my spine and hips where there were vague suggestions of lesions. Because the lesion was relatively small, the O/H recommended treatment via Zometa in lieu of radiation.

The first post-diagnosis O/H visit was the next day; March 31. The recommended course of treatment was Zometa, once a month; chemo (Velcade + anti-nausea+dexamethasome) as an IV with a three week cycle (M and Th of weeks 1 and 2; and then 1 week off); and 10 mg of dexamethasome (as a pill) once a week. The Zometa IV was started three days later on April 2; the initial Velcade, however, was postponed until April 13 because of some un-related personal matters.

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