Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009

I started chemo with Velcade + dex on 4/13/2009. Prior to starting chemo my numbers were Igg = 3982, M-spike = 2.7, and Kappa LC = 96. After the first cycle, the numbers dropped as follows; Igg = 2176, M-spike = 1.9, and Kappa LC = 41. After the second cycle, the numbers dropped still further to Igg = 1623, M-spike = 1.22, and Kappa LC = 30.43. After the cycle, the numbers dropped still further and I was happy as clam: Igg = 1555, M-spike = 0.9, and Kappa LC = 30.

Up until this point I considered chemo as a "walk in the park"; but with cycle #4 ,which began on June 29, all hell broke loose. During this cycle I began to experience significant neuropathy, particularly in my feet. Also once the cycle was completed, I broke out in rash that covered my arms and legs. Because of the neuropathy and the rash, cycle #5 was cancelled.

A revisit to my O/H in late July had the following numbers: Igg = 1462, M-spike = 1.2, and Kappa LC = 26.42. Cycle #5 was continued to be held abeyance.

My next scheduled appointment is for August 25; this will be about 6 weeks since my last chemo; the rash has gone away but the neuropathy remains. I will keep you up to date regarding my course of treatment from this point on.

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  1. It took about 4 months for the neuropathy in my hubby's feet to completely go away after ending his Velcade treatments. Carfilzomib, which is in trials and very much like velcade,
    causes much less neuropathy. It is proven to work with MM,even better than Velcade in many cases. Might be a good option if your hospital/doctor
    in involved in clinical trials.