Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11,2009

When I came down with MM, there were other minor miscellaneous medical issues that I needed to address:

DRY MOUTH: I now have my teeth professionally cleaned once every three months and use Biotene toothpaste, mouthwash, and a gel to keep gums wet. This stuff is expensive; however, if it prevents a problem on down the line, then it is worth it. I also brush several times during the day. So far, no problems.

MINOR ACHES AND PAINS: Lately, my legs have been achey and I still have hot and cold feet from the neuropathy. My physician gave me a prescription for Tramadol, which is a low-level narcotic, about one step above Tylenol. Tramadol keeps the edge off the minor aches and pains and helps me sleep at night.

VISION: I had my eyes checked by a retina specialist: I have minor cataracts; but I will deal with this later.

MINOR INFECTIONS: I developed a minor infection of the testes and the urologist gave me a prescription for Ciproflaxin (which is free). If I hadn't had MM, I probably would have just let this go; but I am concerned than my inmunce system, which is still ok, might weaken and a lingering minor infection could be a problem.

NEUROPATHY: Neuropathy in feet is handled by an over-the-counter sports cream and hot soaky baths.

CONSTIPATION: Prior to going on chemo, I was rarely constipated (perhaps every other year or so); now I use a stool softener, when I am on chemo or Zometa. This seems to prevent problems.

FLU: Flu shots (not swine flu) will be available here on October 1 and I will get the shot (about $25.00) on that day. I had some bad bouts with the flu back in the past; but once I started taking flu shots, I haven't had the flu.

I have now been off chemo for two months now and neuropathy is lessening; it is my general impression (quite unscientific) that it takes about one month of no chemo to offset one velcade cycle.

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