Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

Went for Velcade/Zometa infusion today; again no big deal. BP was 113/77, creatinine was 1.2; CBC's were all in normal range.

However, a big shock came as the stem cell transplant folks at Shands called to say they did not accept my insurance; now I will have to find a hospital in FL that will accept it. This means that I probably have to go out-of-town for the transplant.

More red tape, damn.


  1. Hi, sorry to hear about the insurance thing. Let me tell you my experience in case it helps you. The Mayo clinic is considered out of network for my health insurance. However, in the case of stem cell transplants, the Mayo Clinic is part of the Optum Healthcare Centers of Excellence program AND they are treated as in network for that service. They even have special pricing and services for the Centers of Excellence program. Not sure if this will help you. George

  2. My O/H is helping me with this--apparently one part of Shands accepts my insurance whereas the other part doesn't.