Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

The neuropathy resultant from my December 8, 2009 infusion is still with me, even though almost 10 days have passed. It climaxed on December 11-12; since then it has gradually diminished; but I'm not to the point where I was when this Velcade 1/2 cycle began on December 1. My next Velcade infusion is scheduled for 12/22 and any neuropathy resultant from that infusion will be added to any remaining from the 12/8 infusion. It thus appears that the neuropathy will be increasing somewhat with time. Of all the side effects, neuropathy is the worst. Everything else has been quite minor.

Thursday, yesterday, was dex day; no big deal but didn't sleep well Thursday night.

Last weekend we went to a wedding near Atlanta and then spent 2 nights in the mountains. Weather was poor; glad we are back in Florida.

Nothing else to report. Except for spending Christmas in Tampa; we will just take it easy and read a few books and see a few movies until after the New Year.

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