Thursday, December 31, 2009

January 1, 2010

Well it is a New Year; 2009 was a bummer inasmuch as I came down with MM. However, things appear to be going reasonably well. I haven't ever had a fever; I haven't ever been nauseaus; I haven't ever been in pain. I , however, have had joint andleg aches, mild constipation, and insomnia. Back in the summer, the Velcade program of 4 infusions every three weeks induced an allegric rash; this is gone for the most part but I do have an occasional red splotch. Neuropathy has been my primary problem; but I am dealing with it and I still drive, walk, and make minor home repairs. If you saw me you would not think that I had cancer.

This week I had Zometa infusion #9 and Velcade infusion #22. Also yesterday (12/31/2009) was my dexamethasome day. CBC counts and creatitine were all ok. The neuropathy from the Velcade typically peaks about 4 days after the infusion, this should be Saturday (1/2/20100).

Nothing much else to say; I feel reasonably good right now and will try and take in a movie this weekend.


  1. Count your blessings Bill.
    Good health for 2010.

  2. Do hope you continue well during 2010. All best wishes from us here in the UK