Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2009

I had a Velcade Infusion today; nothing much to say; it went easy; but the side effects probably won't show up until this weekend. CBC labs today were in the normal range except RBC, which was slightly low at 4.9 million/cu mm.

I also got the results of January 11, 2010 myeloma markers (after 6 Velcade Infusions since 11/04/09):

Igg had increased from 1414 (11/04/09) to 1547 mg/dl--this is higher but still in the normal range. Iga increased from 26 (11/04/09)to 35 mg/dl--here the lower normal is 71--thus Iga is still low but closer to normal.

M-spike remained constant 1.2 g/dl. The value was 1.2 on 11/30/09 and 1.1 on 11/04/09. Essentially the M-spike is remaining constant.

Kappa Free Light Chains increased from 2.80 mg/dl (11/04/09) to 3.39. This increase concerned my O/H and I will be increasing my Velcade dosage from 2 infusions per three week period to 3 infusions per three week period (i.e., once a week for the foreseeable future). Lambda Free Light Chains increased from .2 mg/dl to .78 and are now in the normal range. The Kappa/Lambda Ratio decreased from 14.0 to 4.35; while still high the ratio is much closer to the normal range of 0.26-1.65 than it was back on 11/04/2009.

The rash on my legs and back still remains but is generally unchanged. My O/H has sent a letter and referral to my dermatologist for a biopsy and an opinion. I should have this issue resolved in the not to distant future.

My wife and I spent the weekend throwing out old stuff (i.e., 1960s textbooks, old files, household junk) and bundling up old (but usable items) for charitable donations.

My neuropathy has increased somewhat from my last post; but I am still mobile and doing household projects.

I now have 24 Velcade Infusions (16 during last spring and summer and 8 since 11/4/2009. Cancer markers definitely decreased last spring and summer; since renewing Velcade in November the results are not clear cut; the markers are often contradictory and diagnostic trends are unclear.

For the time being, the plan is to increase the frequency of velcade infusions to once a week and continue the 10 mg dex pill once a week. Overall, exclusive of the neuropathy, I feel good and am leading a more-or-less normal life.


  1. Hi - I also had a rash, seemingly from Velcade. My previous doc wanted to send me to an allergist and a dermatologist. Turns out, it wasn't the Velcade but instead the anti-nausea medication. Are you taking any? Maybe that's the culprit. Also - neuropathy often responds to B vitamins - you might want to give Odwalla's B-Monster a try (usually found in the produce section of your grocery store) - it worked very well for me. Good luck and good health.

  2. Pam: do you recall the anti-nausea medicine that you were taking--I will try Odwalla's B-Monster. Bill

  3. Dawg
    Kytril gave me a rash all over and Aloxie gave me a headache and tenderness in my scalp that lasted for weeks. What were you on? Did you try the B Monster and did it work?
    Be well!!