Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Wednesday morning: I didn't sleep at all Monday night after my double whammy of Zometa and Velcade; however, I felt OK on Tuesday and slept fine on Tuesday night. Went to the eye doctor Tuesday morning; and I will need to have cataract surgery. This is no surprise as this had been suggested more than a year ago before I had been diagnosed with MM. Went ahead and scheduled the procedures, which will be intermixed with my Velcade infusions over the next few weeks.

They have a new eye implant that is supposed to make you see so good that you don't need glasses; right now they will be determining if my eyes are candidates for such implants. The new implants, however, are not covered by insurance so the cost will be on my own nickle. The standard implants, however, are covered; but I would continue to need to use glasses.

The rash that developed on legs and back appears to be diminishing on its own; it certainly hasn't gotten worse. I see the dermatologist next week and maybe he can tell me something one way or the other.

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