Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009

Received the last of my November 4, 2009 lab results. The Kappa LC was 2.80, which is a slight increase from September 23, 2009 of 2.74; normal is below 1.94.

There has been no reaction to last Friday's dexamethasome; I slept about 6 hours Friday night and 8 hours Sat. night.

This past weekend was very good; felt good and the weather was very nice (sunny and low 80s). My wife and I worked on household projects and then went to an art festival.

Sunday afternoon I drove to Atlanta; had a meeting on Monday morning and then drove back to Florida. 725 miles over a two days. Was tired Monday evening and Tuesday morning; but felt ok when I went for my Velcade infusion Tuesday afternoon. As of 8:00 am Wednesday, I have had no reaction to the Velcade, and I feel ok. CBC's taken yesterday were in normal range and were slightly improved from those of November 10, 2009. By improved, I mean that they had moved toward the center of the normal distribution. BP was ok.

I must say that the drive through Georgia on I-75 was a drag; I had forgotten how ugly my native state is. There are probably more bill boards per mile of interstate in Georgia than any other state. You can see a marked difference as you cross the Georgia-Florida line; it's quite noticable.

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