Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009

My next cycle of treatment starts tomorrow, November 30 with Zometa (#9) in the morning and the O/H appointment in the afternoon. Tuesday is Velcade treatment #19, with #20 comming on December 8.

I got through the previous treatment cycle (Velcade #17 and #18) without much difficulty; some constipation and some increase in neuropathy. I also had some minor rash patches on my legs, which had a slight but not particularly bothersome itch. The constipation lasted for about 3 days have Velcade treatment #18. The neuropathy increase lasted about for about 8 days after Velcade treatment #18; but has now returned to a pre-treatment #17 level. The rash is still present but does seem to be diminishing. Weekly 10 mg of dexamethasome continued with no side-effects now (there were some sleepless nights in the very beginning but with Ambien, I now sleep 6+ hours the night after taking the pill). Overall I feel good but still continue to have weakness in legs and knees.

We went to St. Pete for Thanksgiving. Friday we went strolling to in downtown St. Pete and then had a very enjoyable lunch on the Gulf and a short time on the beach where I enjoyed a cigar.

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