Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

This and that:

Went to see the O/H last Wednesday: CBC blood work was generally ok. WBC = 5.2 (ok); Hemacrit = 39.1 (ok, but low); Platelets = 244 (ok but they have dropped over past 3 months); RBC = 4.1 (low, don't like this). At the time of my initial diagnosis, I had a lesion on my right upper arm bonel; since I had been on Zometa for 7 infusions, we decided that a re-X-ray would be appropriate (I don't have the results yet). The Igg and M-spike results are pending; I generally don't get them for about a week.

It was decided that I would go back on chemo; starting today (but 1/2 frequency- 2 infusions in a 3-week cycle). It has now been 4 months since my last Velcade infusion. While I am not overjoyed about going back on chemo; I always knew that the Velcade interruption was only temporary, primarily to recover from the neuropathy (which I still have but much less than back in July and August).

I did continue the dex throughout this 4-month period; the dex doesn't affect me much anymore and it is just a pill I take once a week.

On Thursday, my wife and I went to Ormond Beach for a 3-day mini vacation. We stayed at the same condo that we had stayed at immediately following my bone marrow biospy back in March.
At that time (and before my first chemo), I became tired after a short walk on the beach; this time we walked much further and I was less tired. So there has been some improvement in my walking stamina since March.

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