Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

I had my first Velcade IV yesterday (17th overall; 1st after four month layoff); no problems and no obvious side-effects yet. The dosage was the same; but I will only be receiving 2 infusions in a 3-week cycle instead of 4. I have a schedule that will carry me through mid-January of 2010; thus I can do my holiday planning.

I now have the results of my remaining November 4, 2009 lab tests. Igg is normal going from 1413 mg/dl to 1414 mg/dl; this is in the normal range and is essentially no change. Albumin had been a little high back on September 23 at 4.1 g/dl; now it is in the normal range at 3.8 g/dl. Total protein remained normal and was 6.8 g/dl on November 4.

My M-spike increased from 1.0 g/dl on September 23 to 1.1 g/dl. I am not surprised by this slight increase as I had been off Velcade for 4 months (but I still was on weekly dex of 10 mg).
Hopefully the renewed Velcade infusions will reacivate downward trend.

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  1. 17th overall!!! You are a CHAMP! It's great to see your numbers are doing well. I pray that the Velcade dominates that remainder M-protein that's hanging around. It's time for it to G....O....!