Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009

Well, last Tuesday's Velcade infusion has now begun to have some side effects; was lethargic on Thursday with some constipation. No temperature or nausua, however. Also took my dexamethosome on Thursday (yesterday) and had difficulty going to sleep; only got about 4 hours sleep. Will take a cat nap today.

I will be off Velcade until after Thanksgiving, which will give my body some time to recover. Then in early December, I have my bloodwork, H/O appointment, Zometa, and Velcade (#3 of new cycle).

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  1. I have hit constipation in my first two cycles of RVDD and I can tell you that it is no joke! I hope you get moving again and that you also get some rest. Keep dominating!